Social responsability

UNISANTA, a private university with a public university spirit

The Brazilian Association of Sustainers of Entities of Higher Education (ABMES) certified Unisanta with the Socially Responsible Institution Seal, which attests to the Institution's commitment to finding solutions that reduce social and environmental problems. The emphasis attributed to social responsibility is embodied in the impressive number of more than 2 million and 800 thousand services to the community, totaling more than 134 thousand hours of dedication by teachers, directors, coordinators and employees in social projects, in just one year.


Physiotherapy Clinic: more than 30 thousand annual services.One of the best equipped health services in the Region and one of the best structured in Brazil. Provides community treatment in the following areas: Locomotor Lesions; Pediatric Neurofunctional; Neurofunctional Physiotherapy of Adult; Women's Health; Dermatofunctional; Prosthesis and Orthesis; Traditional Chinese medicine. All treatments in the clinic are conducted by academicians, supervised by teachers


Odontology Clinic: about 40 thousand annual services.Serves in the following areas: Pediatric dentistry; Dentistry; Endodontics; Periodontics; Stomatology; Prosthesis; Surgery; Assistance to children with special needs; Preventive Orthodontics; Baby Clinic; Temporomandibular Disorder.

Law School

Special Civil Court: about 6 thousand annual services.First of the region in an Institution of Higher Education. Attendances: traffic accidents, violations of the Consumer Protection and Protection Code, health insurance, condominium, no funds checks, general collections, evictions, rent and unfulfilled contracts.Installed in the Maritime Passenger Terminal - Concais, the 1st Special Civil Court in ports in the world.

Office of Legal Assistance: 3.700 annual services. Assistance in the Family Law area.


Pharmaceutical Office: 1500 procedures / year. 1st Of region. Free service such as blood pressure, blood glucose, fat and pharmacological monitoring.

Physical Education

About 100 thousand attendances per year. Integrated projects are brought into the community through games and recreational activities. Capoeira for All Project serves people with physical / mental disabilities or socially vulnerable situation.

Engineering & Architecture

Model Office of Architecture and Civil Engineering - 31 thousand beneficiaries. Projects for charities and needy communities. Among them, the Residential Use Rehabilitation Program in the Historic Central Region of Santos (Agreement with the Santos City Hall).


Toy Library - more than 6,000 visits / year: With more than 160 square meters of built area, BrincaSanta is a playful, educational, cultural and scientific space that serves schools and interested entities.

Other projects

Rondon Project - 23,700 people served. Performed actions in Acre, Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia, Espirito Santo, Goiás, Pará, Rondônia, São Paulo and Tocantins.

Producar – more than 10,000 beneficiaries. It offers free courses for charities or at reduced rates. Classes are taught by volunteers. Top courses include language and microscopy.

Dividing to Add - 35 tons of donated food. Non-perishable food collection lectures for donation to philanthropic entities in the Region.

Career Development Center - Since 2012 it has served more than 4,000 people: undergraduate students, followed by the external community, graduates and postgraduate students. It also promotes courses that prepare senior students for the job market.

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